Epilepsy specialist doctor in Hyderabad Lists down step-by-step first aid for seizures in children

STAY With the Person and Start Timing the Seizure.

This information is very crucial for someone who is close to the person who is experiencing seizure.

When you see someone having a seizure ensure that you remain with that person throughout the time of seizure.

Next, note the time of the seizure. Timing is important.

When you remain relaxed and calm – the other person (child) who is experiencing seizure too remain calm.

Talk to that child calmly and reassure him or her that there is nothing wrong.

When you remain calm before, during, and after the seizure – this will help recover the child from seizure comfortably.

When the seizure continues time the seizure – from the beginning till end to determine how long did the seizure last. If the seizure lasts longer than usual, then immediately take the child to an epilepsy specialist doctor in Hyderabad.

Timing a seizure is important to understand whether emergency medical help is needed. In general, most of the seizures last only for a few minutes. However, certain seizures are unpredictable and children behave differently sometimes – especially when they experience long-lasting seizures.

A majority of the seizures may last for a few seconds to minutes – most of the time. But, at times, you may witness some unpredictable outcomes. Minor symptoms are usually common and go away soon lasting for some time, but, sometimes, rather than continuing for a few minutes – seizures though begin with some minor symptoms – and then lead to loss of consciousness or fatal falls. This could mean severe injuries.

Safety of the Child is Important

The following measures can ensure safety in all possible settings:

Make sure that the child is safe

If you find any sharp or harmful objects, moves those away from the child instantly.

If you are still confused and wandering, keep the child away from the imposing dangerous situations. For instance, if a child is in some awkward places – such as on the heightened surfaces, platforms, subway, or trains or in traffic – gently guide them away from there.

Don’t allow persons to gather around as this could lead to confusion and embarrassment for the person after waking up from the seizure. Therefore, request people to step back and ask for some room for that child. However, let one or two people stay nearby – you may need further help

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