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First-aid for febrile seizures / Do’s

  • Remain calm
  • Support the child and protect him from injury against sharp corners, sharp objects, and furniture, fire, or water sources.
  • Loosen clothes around the neck.
  • Lay them down on the floor.
  • Be with your child and note the time when the seizure starts and ends.
  • Support your child’s head with a pillow or soft object.
  • Remove any objects from the child’s mouth.
  • Turn the child on his or her side with mouth pointing towards the ground to ensure that saliva doesn’t block their airways and prevents them from choking.
  • If you notice any vomiting, then turn the child to his to prevent choking.
  • Inform your paediatric neurologist about all the symptoms you noted.


  • Don’t panic – remain calm.
  • Do not put anything in the child’s mouth.
  • Do not give food, pills, water until the person is awake.
  • Anything given to them can go into the lungs when the child is not fully awake or conscious increasing the risk of choking
  • Do not try to hold or force the child to lie down.
  • Do not put your child into cool or lukewarm water to cool off.
  • Don’t restrain the movements of the child forcefully. This may lead to injury, agitation, confusion and agitation behaviour.

Seek medical help:

  • If the seizure lasts longer than 5 to 10 minutes.
  • If the child is not recovering quickly.
  • If the child is experiencing the seizure for the first time.
  • If the child becomes weak, lethargic and has a stiff neck, rigid hands and legs, and vomits
  • If the child seems to have breathing difficulty.
  • If the child’s skin appears or turns blue.
  • If the seizures occur repeatedly.
  • If the seizure has occurred for the first time
  • If the child doesn’t return to normal state.
  • If a seizure occurs while swimming or taking bath.
  • If the child has continuous and repeated seizures.


Take the child to an epilepsy specialist in Hyderabad, once the seizure stops – to know the cause.