Symptoms of Seizures in Children

Symptoms of Epilepsy (Seizure) in Children?

  • Partial or focal seizure affects only one side of the brain whereas generalized seizures affect both the sides of the brain.
  • In absence seizure, a child seems to be daydreaming or not paying attention
  • The child experiences jerking of the body, repetitive movements, strange smell, rising feeling in the stomach and unusual sensation in the mouth
  • The child may lose consciousness and experience breathing difficulties.
  • The symptoms associated with a typical partial seizure include uncontrolled body movements, strong smell or taste sensation in the mouth, stomach pain, sudden fear and anger. During this type of seizure, though the child is aware of the happenings around, yet can not control those.
  • The symptoms associated with a complex seizure: the child makes odd body movements, run, stare, chew and even see things around them. The child is often frightened or confused. This type of seizure can occur during sleep.
  • A child suddenly loses consciousness and awareness and falls. These types of seizures are called tonic and atonic seizures or drop attack seizures. Head injury risk is very high in this type of seizure.