Autistic children have difficulty in social communication, language and interaction, restricted interests and repetitive behaviours. Children with autism often find difficulty in understanding what other people feel, think and say. In general, autistic children are poor communicators as they lack words, expressions, gestures and facial expressions. They are very sensitive too as they get easily disturbed by light, sounds and variations in temperature. The following are the symptoms associated with autism:

  1. Abnormal body movements – flapping of hands, pacing and rocking
  2. Lack of responsiveness to people
  3. Unusual attachment with objects
  4. Aggressive behaviours
  5. Rigid routines
  6. Self-injurious behaviour
  7. Inattentiveness to objects and people in the surroundings
  8. Inconsistent eye contact
  9. Rarely enjoy objects or activities
  10.  Show lazy, sluggish or no response to call
  11.  Show body movements, expressions and gestures that do not match with what is being said
  12.  Make unusual voices
  13.  Repeat words or phrases
  14.  Show immensely focussed interest in objects
  15.  Get easily upset by slight changes in a routine
  16. Exhibit restlessness, irritability
  17.  Repetitive behaviours
  18.  Having difficulties with the back and forth of conversation
  19.  Show lasting interest in certain things
  20.  Sleep disturbances