Kiwi Fruit is Good for Your Child

  • Children fed with 5 to 6 portions of kiwi fruit are up to 45% less likely to develop wheezing as compared to those who were fed only once a week. This study was published by an Italian researcher in the International Journal of Respiratory Medicine (BMJ group). Kiwi fruit is considered as one of the healthiest fruits for children – the reason:
  • Kiwi fruit has three times more than the daily recommended amount of vitamin C – which is equivalent to 273%.
  • It is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin B6 – good for brain development
  • Folate in Kiwi protect against the birth defects in children and also against heart disease and cancer.
  • Copious amounts of vitamin K is also present in Kiwi fruit.
  • Kiwi fruit contains low amount of sodium, saturated fat and cholesterol, but good amount of magnesium, potassium, vitamin E and dietary fibre.
  • Potassium in kiwi helps in maintaining electrolytes balance and thus regulates blood pressure
  • Kiwi fruit is good for eyes as it is rich in vitamin A.