Best Autism Treatment in Hyderabad: If you are the one who is searching for this term or Autism Spectrum Disorder Treatment in Hyderabad, or most preferably, the best treatment for the disorder you may have several questions in your mind pertaining to autism specialist doctors, several types of therapies, medicines and other such treatment approaches. In this regard, you must always remember that Autism treatment for a child depends on the child’s unique symptoms, the severity of the condition and needs of the child. And, the second important aspect is early intervention as research shows that early diagnosis and interventions – for instance, during preschool or before can give dramatic positive outcomes – as far as controlling autistic symptoms and development of skills are concerned. The following information details the approaches:

Appropriate therapies and interventions vary

Each child who has autism is unique, in the sense – he or she has symptoms which may range from mild, moderate to severe symptoms. Autism is a spectrum disorder, considering this aspect, treatment for it varies.

Different types of autism treatment in Hyderabad includes several types of therapies aimed at improving behaviour, speech and learning patterns of children. Some children may have associated conditions along with autism, for them any best autism doctor in Hyderabad gives medications.

Autism Treatment Centers in Hyderabad – What Do They Do?

When you visit any of the best autism treatment centers in Hyderabad, in all, the treatment which you think is best mostly depends on the severity of your child’s condition and his or her requirements. Being an experienced pediatric neurologist and autism specialist doctor my goal would be to alleviate your child’s symptoms and improve his or her learning and development. Based on the needs of your child, you will need the help of a child psychologist and also an occupational therapist who offer their services at autism treatment centers, where you will get the following treatment approaches:

Sensory Integration Therapy: Autistic children often feel bad, get annoyed or get easily upset by certain sensory impulses. when they receive some sensory impulses in the form of certain sounds, bright lights or when they feel some textures. Sensory Integration therapy can help such children learn how to deal with such sensory impulses.

Occupational Therapists provide therapy: Their role in altering the rigid behaviours and habits of your child is quite prominent as they teach autistic children bathing, dressing and feeding skills – which the children do themselves independently. Experienced and trained therapists also teach children how to understand people better and relate to others. The main objective of their therapy and training is to ensure that children will develop the ability to live as independently as possible.

Floor Time: In this type of relationship-based approach, which is also known as Developmental, Individual differences, Relationship-Based Approach (DIR) or Floortime, parent will get on the floor with their autistic child to play and do the activities that their child likes. This is taught at the Autism Centers. This type of approach is helpful in imparting the skills that revolve around emotions and communications and thus support intellectual and emotional growth of the child.

TEACCH: This treatment approach employs the usage of picture cards that help an autistic child learn their day-to-day activities – such as combing hair, washing hands and face and getting dressed. This is better known as Treatment and Education of Autistic and Related Communication-handicapped Children (TEACCH). The task of learning activities is made simple by breaking down the information into small steps for a child to learn it easily.

PECS: In another treatment approach, which is also based on visual-learning, symbols are used instead of picture cards. It is known as The Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS). This teaching and treatment approach teaches your child the skills of communication and asking questions through special symbols.

Behaviour and Communication Treatments

The main objective of behaviour and communication treatments is to teach children positive behaviours and diminish negative behaviours. Applied Behaviour Analysis is used in the best autism treatment centers in Hyderabad, and also in Autism schools and clinics in Hyderabad. An Autistic child can learn a variety of skills through this treatment approach. The following are some of the treatment approaches for different situations:

  • Verbal behavioural intervention (VBI) – Imparts language skills
  • Early intensive behavioural intervention (EIBI) – good for children below age 5 years
  • PRT (Pivotal response training) helps in developing motivation in children to learn and communicate.
  • Discrete trial training (DTT) uses simple lessons and positive reinforcement.

Is Medication the Best Autism Treatment?

You might have heard cognitive behaviour therapy, behaviour management therapy, physical therapy, speech-language therapy and biomedical treatment for Autism in Hyderabad, but currently there is no standard treatment for autism spectrum disorder, not only in Hyderabad but also anywhere else in the world. All treatment approaches are combinatorial approaches.

Furthermore, though there is neither any cure not any medicine to treat autism spectrum disorder, there are several ways that help minimize symptoms and augment skills of the child. If a child receives appropriate interventions and therapies, they have the best possibility of using all their skills and abilities. There are some medicines that help in relieving the symptoms such as attention deficits, trouble focussing, insomnia, seizures and depression. Some neurologists prescribe anti-anxiety medications, serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) and other drugs in certain cases. However, several studies indicate that medication is most effective when it is combined with behavioural therapies.

It is better to consult your child’s pediatric neurologist and discuss with him about the medicines that help treat your child’s symptoms.

Bottom Line

Irrespective of the age of a child when they are diagnosed with autism, the child will benefit from the combinatorial treatment approach. Children of all ages, irrespective of their levels of abilities and skills, can also improve after well-designed and well-planned therapies and interventions. However, for each child, the effective therapies and interventions may differ. And also, most people with ASD respond best to highly structured and specialized programs. Surprisingly, many children with the disorder work to function to near-normal levels after treatment and therapies.